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B&P Machine Company
Precision machining at its Highest Quality

We  are a high quality and precision machining company that has provided almost five decades of services to manufacturers of all sizes. Founded by the first female in the shoe industry, B&P was formed to service the shoe making industry and the parts that went on the machines making America’s footwear. Today we have changed the stamping industry with several patterns and continue our pioneering spirit to supply the emerging and innovative businesses leading the industry’s new generation.    MORE

About the SHED-IT

A revolutionary new ejector system.
Join the revolution.

• More productivity.
• More press strokes without failure.
• More profits.

Introducing the Shed-It™ - a revolutionary new ejector system that delivers more of what you want. The SHED-IT has the luxury of increased die clearances up to 10% per side or more with a virgin opening in the matrix. The result is less tool wear and more parts per sharpening. We have surpassed over fifty million press strokes without a single SHED-IT failure.  MORE

B & P Machine Co.
Tel: 207-793-2463
Fax: 207-793-2862
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