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A revolutionary new ejector system. Join the revolution.

Trade business as usual for a business that's more successful. Switch to the Shed-It.​

Failed ejectors. Short production runs. And dies that need constant repair. For years, the tool and die industry has had to face these challenges on a daily basis. But now there's no longer a need to tolerate these ejector failures. Now you can eliminate them. With the Shed-It, a revolutionary new ejector system, you'll have more productivity, more reliability, more press strokes without failure and more of what you really want. Profits.

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  • Less downtime and more productivity
    Virtually eliminates ejector failures and die damage, so you don't lose press time and production runs are longer.

  • Faster press speeds and higher profits
    Increased press speeds and fewer set ups lead to longer production runs and higher profits.

  • 100,000,000 press strokes. Zero failures.
    After three years of development and two years in production, the Shed-It has proven to be the most reliable ejector system on the market.


  • Long-lasting ejector systems and hard-wearing components 
    More resilient than springs exceptional flex fatigue characteristics make for a longer ejector life.

A new ejector system that eliminates problems and generates profits


The SHED-IT was originally designed for the high volume / high speed segment of the metal stamping industry. The segment produces specialized parts that must meet stringent quality standards. Slug pulling and part pumping have been a constant concern in meeting these high quality criteria.


The SHED-IT has the luxury of increased die clearances up to 10% per side or more with a virgin opening in the matrix. The result is less tool wear and more parts per sharpening. We have surpassed over fifty million press strokes without a single SHED-IT failure. The effect on production has been equally dramatic. Users of the SHED-IT have reported a 27% increase in output, a 46% decrease in the number of set-ups and a 6.2% reduction in tool maintenance hours. The consequence of using the SHED-IT is dramatically improved profits.


Low cost, highly reliable, easy-to-use, for all your ejector needs. The SHED-IT is not limited to only ejector applications; its applications in your company are only limited by your imagination.

Covered by U.S. Patent No. D585,916

A compound die utilizing the Shed-It.

Make the switch and order the Shed-It at 207-793-2463.

Shed-it Pricing List

The most reliable ejector system on the market.

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