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  • Smaller Footprint
    The Flex-Grip is ideal for smaller stampings when less than five tons of pressure is needed.

  • Easy to Use
    Whether you’re making round or square parts, the system is simple to operate and maintain. Shapes of the punch can be changed by just switching the tooling.

  • Ten-Minute Downtime
    What normally can take over an hour and require a complete dismantling of the press, now takes less than 10 minutes. Simply unscrewing the “flex finger” allows the operator to make the part change and it’s done. No major reassembly required.

Never again will you have to disassemble all the components!

The Flex Grip Tooling System™ is a brand new and innovative system that is less expensive to use and operate and can greatly increase production time. Through its pioneering design, this interchangeable tooling system aligns perfectly to facilitate extremely thin and burrless stampings very simply and quickly.


Because of its efficiency, it can have a significant impact on your operation by saving downtimes. What traditionally has taken sometimes hours, now changing or servicing parts will take less than 10 minutes. You never have to disassemble all the components!


The FlexGrip Tooling System is a two or four post steel die set with a key aligned for irregular shapes, a knockout, and adjustable guides. The key to the system is the “flex finger” – a moveable part that stabilizes the alignment and keeps it exact on every stroke. Tool changeover takes only a few minutes.


The tooling for the Flex Grip can also be shimmed back to the normal level, up to a quarter-inch. That means you don’t buy any new tooling at the time and can just shim it.

This arrangement is also compact and easy to use. No longer are large and expensive presses necessary. The Flex Grip system simply fits on a table while still providing up to 5 tons of force.

Call us today for a free consultation on how this system can save your shop time and money.

FLEX GRIP  An innovative tooling system with precise alignment

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