• Smaller Footprint
    Investing in large, very expensive presses is no longer needed.

  • Ease and Accuracy
    Does the work of a large press at half the cost and size.

  • Top Stroke Knock Out
    The only air press on the market that knocks out the part at the top of the stroke.

The Facilitator™ is a compact, table-top air press with the production output of a large press but at more than half the cost and a quarter of the space needed in a conventional set up.

A stamping press that uses a pneumatic cylinder, the Facilitator gives you the ease of and accuracy of a large punch press but for half the cost and size Unlike any other air press on the market, this  system knocks out the part at the top of the stroke.


The Facilitator weighs around 150 pounds and comes with optional table or stand. An attaching feeder and scrap chopper is also available.

THE FACILITATOR  Making desktop manufacturing possible

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